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Manaslu Expedition 2017

Kammerlander and Keck at Manaslu

One of them fell, the other was hit by lightening right next to Hans Kammerlander. After 26 years, the South Tyrolean mountain legend now returns to the fateful mountain, where he once lost two friends. The Tyrolean extreme mountaineer Stephan Keck will accompany Kammerlander on this adventure to Nepal, taking the second main role in the cinema documentary and organising the entire expedition.

Coming to terms with the past in the form of a real adventure: Hans Kammerlander returns to the place where he had to experience the lowest point of his mountaineering career. In 1991, at 8,163 meters high on Manaslu, he lost his rope partners and close friends Karl Großrubatscher and Friedl Mutschlechner due to sudden weather deterioration. With Stephan Keck he has now found a rope partner, to whom he would tell the tale of this tragedy on the site where it happened.

In addition to the role of the rope partner on the mountain, Stephan Keck belongs to the project leaders. After all, he is responsible for the entire organisation of the expedition with his company It is much more complex than a traditional Himalayan trip, mainly due to the accompanying film crew of Gerald Salmina („Streif – One Hell of a Ride“, „Mount St. Elias“). The director and producer create an elaborate portrait of the ups and downs in Kammerlander’s life and also document the Manaslu climb with Stephan Keck for cinema. For this purpose, filming permits – among other things also for the aid projects of STEPZERO.ONE in Nepal that Hans Kammerlander and Stephan Keck oversee- are procured. A helicopter and a plane must also be organised for filming in the mountains. It is a good thing that Keck can look back on many years of experience as an expedition leader in the Himalayas, has already climbed several eight-thousanders and is very well connected worldwide.

After concentrated preparations, Kammerlander and Keck will head out of Austria on October 11th. For almost two months the two protagonists will be in Nepal. They will stay for almost a month at Manaslu in order to acclimatise and to attempt the climb. In addition to the Basecamp, there are three higher camps between 5,600 meters and 7,500 meters planned and the period from the 13th to the 23rd of November is planned for the summit. But with the summit climb, the adventure is far from over, after all the two plan to ski on a new route down to the base camp. A real up and down …


If Kammerlander, now 60-years-old, can conquer Manaslu this time, it would be his 13th official eight-thousander ascent. His greatest success in the past was undoubtedly with Reinhold Messner. He himself says about his first eight-thousand-meter experiment for more than 15 years: „I want to end this path at Manaslu, I want to be able to go forward and no longer have my head stuck in the sand”. Together with the Tyrolian mountain climber and extreme mountaineer Stephan Keck, he now faces the challenge – and above all his past.



„Completing the path is crutial, hiding is no option“

Hans Kammerlander

Manaslu News

Here you wil find the latest news postst about the project and especially about the whole expedition to the summit of Manaslu.

Erfolgreich gescheitert

Kein Gipfelsieg auf dem 8.163 Meter hohen Manaslu aber alle Teilnehmer, sowohl Sherpa als auch das komplette Filmteam um Gerald Salmina, sowie Hans und ich kehren wieder gesund nach Hause zurück.

Reinhold Messner über das Manaslu Filmprojekt

Was die frisch von der deutschen Sportpresse ausgezeichnete „Legende des Sports“ davon hält, lest ihr hier.

Es geht aufwärts

Das Team befinden sich derzeit auf dem Trekking zum Basislager des achthöchsten Berges der Erde. "So sind wir momentan täglich um die 14 Stunden unterwegs, müssen uns ständig neuen Gegebenheiten anpassen und immer wieder logistisch reagieren."

Was bis jetzt geschah

Ankunft in Nepal, Permits im Tourismusministerium, kleine Routenänderung, Anmarsch zum Manaslu