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Stephan Keck – Alpinist (or „more than just a mountaineer”)

Always aiming high despite keeping both feet firmly on the ground: Stephan Keck, born in Schwaz in Tyrol 1973, is an extreme mountaineer, expedition manager, mountain guide, entrepreneur, photographer and, despite all his adventures, also the caring father of three children and a real family man. Ever since he was a child he has always felt comfortable in extreme environments. Whether on eight-thousanders in the Himalayas, balloon-skiing in his local Alps or going on a six-month African road trip with the entire family in a converted truck. He’s experienced temperatures ranging from minus 48 to plus 47 degrees celsius and was above the magical eight-thousand-meter limit ten times – except for one commercial time – always by fair means.

After finishing school, Stephan Keck completed extensive training with his parents plumbing company including a master craftsman exam. However, the temptation for adventure was already strong and during his training he broke out of the run of the mill life again and again. At the young age of 18 he travelled to Peru for his first major mountain expeditions followed by further spells in the Andean countries of South America.

It was here that Stephan Keck’s passion for high altitude mountaineering began and after the end of his first apprenticeship he turned this passion into a profession becoming a certified ski and mountain guide in 2003. In the same year, he founded Alpinist Expeditions and since then, with his team, has been offering expeditions, adventure and winter sport trips worldwide. Just one year later came the the first eight-thousander summit success with the ascent of the Shisha Pangma. Since then he has been on repeated expeditions to the highest mountains of the world from Alaska to Pakistan. In spring 2019 Stephan stood on the summit of Mount Everst. He also offers the equipment necessary for such expeditions in his own web-shop Expeditiongear. In 2014, he founded the Bergkult Productions brand and has since then undertaken ambitious photo and film projects such as the Freeride feature film „Heimschnee“ for cinema and TV. All companies, as well as the installation company, which Stephan Keck has now taken over from his father, are now combined under the umbrella of Keck GmbH.

Today, Stephan Keck completes marathons in under three hours and proves his endurance in terms of social commitment as well. In 2009, he founded the relief organisation STEPZERO.ONE, which is used to finance the construction of schools and hospitals in Nepal and Pakistan. After the severe earthquake in Nepal in 2015 he also immediately took action with his comrades. Together they collected 65 tons of materials that were most needed, brought them to Nepal and actively took part supporting the reconstruction on site. Out of this initiative came the relief action SOS Nepal, which is still supported today by personalities like Franz Klammer, Axel Naglich and Andi Goldberger. Not only did he bring private individuals on board but he was also able to win over numerous companies who took an active part in the campaign.

From skilled craftsman to extreme climber to entrepreneur and inventor of balloon skiing, Stephan Keck is characterised by the courage to put new ideas into practice. Whether it is in the entrepreneurial sense of realising new business ideas or in private life travelling around the world with his wife and children on adventurous explorations in the search for freedom.


  • 1979 – 1983 elementary school
  • 1983 – 1987 secondary school
  • 1987 – 1991 shipfitter apprentice for gas/water/heating
  • 1997 examination for master craftsman’s diploma gas/water/heating
  • examination for entrepreneur’s diploma
  • examination for apprentice instructor’s diploma
  • 1997 – 2000 education as mountain rescue man in rock, ice, winter, canyoning
  • 2001 – 2003 education as mountain and skiing guide
  • November 2001 education as skiing instructor I
  • March 2002 education as skiing instructor II and snowboard instructor

„The freedom to make dreams visible“


Hard Facts


The following list represents some of the most important highlights of my alpine career:


Nevado Pisco, 5750 m Peru August 96
Huascaran Pisco Sur, 6768 m Peru August 96
Cerro Marmolejo, 6110 m Chile January 97
Aconcagua, 6956 m Chile/Argentinia January 97
Huayhuash-Trekking Peru July 98
Nevado Pisco, 5750 m (Solo) Peru August 98
Nevado Urus, 5752 m (Solo) Peru September 98
Nevado Ishinca, 5530 m (Solo) Peru September 98
Chopicalqui, 6345 m Peru September 98
Nevado Alpamayo, 5950 m Peru September 98
Artisonrayu, 5750 m (Solo) Peru September 98
Misti, 5800 m (Solo) Bolivia October 98
Huayna Potosi, 6088 m (Solo) Bolivia October 98
Ancohuma, 6427 m (Solo) Bolivia October 98
Nationalpark Torres del Paine Trekking Chile November 98
Cotopaxi, 5897 m Ecuador December 99
Chimborazo, 6268 m Ecuador December 99
June 2000
Diablo Mudo, 5223 m Peru July 2000
Nevada Pisco, 5750 m Peru July 2000
La Esfinge, 5350 m (5.10 A0 650 m) Peru July 2000
Chacaraju Este (Peruvian Spanish), 5950 m Peru July 2000
Tocllaraju, 6034 m (by ski) Peru July 2000
Yosemite (Salathé, Westface, Half Dome Solo) USA May 2001
Lake Tahoe (Sport Climbing) USA June 2001
Sardinia (Sport Climbing) Italy September 2002
Nevado Tocllaraju, 6032 m Peru May 2003
Nevado Ishinca, 5530 m Peru May 2003
Nevado Alpamayo, 5950 m Peru May 2003
Huascaran, 6768 m Peru May 2003
Singhalila Trek / Gocha La India November 2003
Shisha Pangma, 8027 m Tibet April 2004
Nevado Urus, 5752 m Peru June 2004
Nevado Ishinca, 5530 m Peru June 2004
Nevado Copa, 6050 m (Central Summit) Peru June 2004
Nevado Huascaran Norte, 6664 m Peru June 2004
Nevado Huarapasca, 5432 m Peru August 2004
Burma Climbing and Trekking Thailand November 2004
Gasherbrum II Expedition, 8045 m Pakistan June 2005
Nanga Parbat Expedition, 8125 m Pakistan June 2006
Afrika Expedition Afrika May-Oct. 2007
Aconcagua, 6962 m Argentinia February 2008
Mount Everest, 8849 m Nepal/China March 2008
Afrika Expedition Afrika May-Oct. 2008
Manaslu, 8163 m Nepal October 2008
2x 6000m, 1x 5000m Equador January 2009
Mc Kinley, 6190 m (Exceedance) North America May 2009
2x Elbrus, 5642 m (Exceedance) Russia August 2009
Altitude difference of 17000 m
290 km walk
7x 5000 m Summit
1x 6000m Summit
Nepal November 2009
Alpamayo, 5947 m Peru September 2011
Ski Touring Norway March 2012
Climbing and Mountaineering Spain August 2012
Manaslu, 8163 m Nepal October 2012
Cho Oyu, 8200 m
(Mt. Everest Base Camp)
Tibet September 2013
Ama Dablam, 6814 m Nepal October 2014
Support Bike World Record Markus Stöckl Chile March 2015
Ski Mountaineering Norway April 2015
Filmproduction Servus TV
Expedition Manaslu Region
Nepal November 2015
Skiing For Freedom Pakistan January 2016
Ski Mountaineering Iceland April 2016
SOS Nepal school reconstruction Nepal December 2016
Photo Coverage Syria, Turkey December 2016
Ski Mountaineering Colorado USA February 2017
Pumori, 7161 m Nepal May 2019
Mount Everest, 8848 m Nepal May 2019
Broad Peak, 8051 m Pakistan July 2021

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